What is my IP address?

Your public IP address is:

Need to check the status of your Internet connection?

Set up a free ping test every 5 minutes to check your IP address. Thanks to these tests, you will be able to follow the detailed evolution of your Internet access by identifying outages and response times.

  • Alerts in case of failure

    Set up alerts to receive messages when the connection is disconnected and when it is restored.

  • Connection speed

    Monitor the response times of your connection throughout the day thanks to regular tests.

  • Detection of packet loss

    Enable the "Packets Loss" option to receive alerts when the Internet connection suffers from packet loss but remains functional.

Our tools to help Webmasters

Are you in charge of a website? Use our services to help you keep your site accessible to your users at all times.

  • Website monitoring

    Set up web monitoring that will regularly test the HTTP responses of the web server to ensure that pages are generated correctly. In the event that the server does not respond correctly, further tests will be performed and if the page generation is disrupted, an instant alert will be sent to you.

  • Validity of the SSL certificate

    Configure monitoring of your SSL certificate to act quickly if it suddenly becomes invalid. In addition to the continuous validity analysis, you will receive alerts when the SSL certificate is changed or the expiration date is approaching, allowing you to analyze the changes or make the renewal.

  • Server performance

    Install an agent on your server to ensure that the percentage of use of the machine's hardware resources is collected at regular intervals. Thanks to this collection, you will be able to follow the evolution of the load on your server and receive alerts if the authorized thresholds are exceeded.

  • Expiry of the domain name

    Add your domain name to the monitoring tool to avoid problems related to a forgotten renewal. With Hitflow monitoring, you can benefit from several reminders before the expiration date is exceeded.

Start monitoring your Internet connection now!

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