Monitor the expiration of an SSL certificate

You will learn how to set up in a few minutes the monitoring of your SSL certificate to be alerted when it becomes invalid and hinders your users' navigation.

  • Summary

Set up the monitoring of your SSL certificate

To monitor the validity of your SSL certificate, go to your manager and, once connected, click on "SSL Certificates" in the "Monitoring" section. You will see a list of SSL certificates already added to your account.

  1. From the list of certificates, access the add form by clicking on the Add certificate button.
  2. Start by indicating the name of your SSL certificate.
  3. Specify the URL of a page that is publicly accessible using the HTTPS protocol.
  4. Define the time between two checks of the certificate.
  5. Modify renewal reminders by defining the number of days before expiration to adapt these alerts to your internal organization.
  6. Enable the valid certificate alert if you want to receive a notification when your certificate will no longer generate errors.
  7. Enable the change alert if you want to receive a message every time a change is made to your certificate such as a renewal, a change of loan "hash"...
  8. From the contact list, select the people who should be alerted in case of a problem.

Now that the configuration is done, all you have to do is click on the Save button to save your certificate and start monitoring automatically.

Consult the information from the manager

By going to the list of certificates, you will be able to consult the information collected by our robots.

From this list, find the following information: the validity status of a certificate, the issuing agency and the expiry date by which you must renew the SSL certificate.

You can also change the frequency of robot verification or completely disable the monitoring of an SSL certificate by clicking on the activation button .

Test your website

Using the above procedure, you have configured an automatic scanning of your website's SSL certificate. However, this monitoring does not allow you to be alerted in real time to any problems that may occur with your website. To monitor the status of your site, we invite you to continue by discovering how to configure automatic tests of your website.