Instant alert

Receive alerts to inform you immediately when a disruption is detected on one of your services.

Be alerted to your website problems before your customers do!

With our monitoring solution, receive alerts when your website becomes unavailable or if your server is overloaded.
You are also alerted when your website or server is working normally again, when your certificates become invalid or a few days before your domain name expires.

Flexible alerts

Whether you are alone or part of a team to manage breakdowns, the configuration of alerts can be adapted to your organization. Thus, define for each service (website, server, SSL certificates...) the list of contacts to alert in case of problems and the methods with which we must alert them. These methods can be a combination of sending an email, a message sent in the Telegram messaging application , a message added to a Slack channel the use of a Webhook.

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  • SMS

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Advanced alert configuration

Customize the rules that trigger alerts to adapt messages to your needs:

  • Be alerted when your server no longer responds to ping after a network outage or when the connection is unstable (lost packets).
  • Initiate an alert if the response time exceeds the maximum allowable time, resulting in heavy traffic or overload.
  • To monitor your website, configure the forbidden HTTP codes, the keywords must be present or not on the tested page to trigger an alert if necessary.
  • Define the days of the week and times when a contact should be alerted in case of a problem.

Protection against false alarms

Don't waste your time receiving false alarms! In the event that a test reveals a failure, our robots perform several new tests from different probes to confirm the problem. Only after the error has been confirmed, an alert is sent to the contacts to inform them of the failure.

Integration with your tools

Develop tools to integrate alerts into your own information system. Configure our robots to steal alerts from you as an HTTP request, allowing you to automate tasks or send notifications to third-party tools not currently supported by Hitflow.
We provide you with the necessary documentation and tools to create your personalized webhook.

Configure alerts in case of failure of your services in a few minutes!

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