Stay independent by consulting this online documentation to understand how to use our services.

Case studies

  • Test a website

    Start using Hitflow by learning how to set up monitoring of your website.

  • Server monitoring

    Configure your server to send regular reports on hardware usage.

  • SSL Certificate Monitoring

    Set up the monitoring of your SSL certificate to be notified in case of validity problems.

  • Domain name monitoring

    Set up a monitoring of the expiration date of your domain name to receive reminders.

  • Monitor an Internet connection

    Configure Internet connection monitoring to detect problems and track response times.

  • Testing a REST API

    Automate the testing of your REST APIs by making HTTP requests and receive an alert if the response is invalid.

Advanced Uses

  • Public status page

    Find out how to create a public status page to share the status of your website with your users.

  • Sharing access to an account

    Allow other users to access your account to assist you in monitoring your services.

  • Automatic email reports

    Create reports that will be sent to you by email to ensure follow-up even when there is no problem.

  • Maintenance windows

    Schedule maintenance in Hitflow to automatically disable monitoring while updates are being performed.

  • Create a server agent

    Develop a monitoring agent that will collect information from your server and send it to our API.

  • Documentation API

    Design your own monitoring tools using this documentation describing the operation and use of our APIs.


  • Alerts in Telegram

    Receive your alerts directly on your phone using Telegram instant messaging.

  • Alerts in Slack

    Integrate service unavailability alerts directly into your Slack workspace.

  • Alerts in Discord

    Set up unavailability notifications on your Discord server by creating a Webhook integration.

  • Microsoft Teams Alerts

    Set up a connection in your team on the Microsoft Teams application to receive Hitflow alerts.

  • Creating a Webhook

    Design customized incident management by developing a script that will automatically receive alert data.