SSL Certificate Monitoring

SSL certificate monitoring alerts you if your certificate is changed and sends you reminders to renew it before its expiration date.

Avoid SSL certificate problems

The SSL certificate is used to secure your customers' browsing on your website. From a natural referencing (SEO) point of view, SSL certificates have become a standard ensuring a better positioning in search results.
For these reasons, you must implement a monitoring solution to avoid errors related to your SSL certificate.

List of SSL Certificates to monitor

Permanent monitoring of your SSL certificate

Configure our robots to ask them monitoring your website and SSL certificate.
You can thus benefit from continuous and regular monitoring of your SSL certificate from our various probes around the world. In case of problems, you will receive alerts when your certificate becomes invalid in your customers' browser. In this way, avoid being surprised by this type of error and losing your customers or receiving penalties in natural referencing.

Reminders before your SSL certificate expire

In addition to real time monitoring, set up reminders to notify you when your certificate expires.
In the form of three customizable reminders, you will receive alert messages indicating the expiry date, giving you time to renew and install your new certificate.
If your certificate ever expires, an alert informing you that it has expired will be sent to you when our robots detect this incident.

Alerts following the modification of your certificate

Imagine that hackers take control of your server. They could then, change different settings of your website quite easily, starting with your SSL certificate.

Each SSL certificate has a unique imprint that allows you to determine when a certificate has been changed.
Our robots monitor this loan and different properties of your SSL certificate, such as the issuing body, creation date, expiration date, owner. If any of these properties are changed, an alert is sent to notify you that a change has been made. Thanks to this system, you can monitor the evolution of your certificates and ensure optimal security for your users.

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