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Discover all our tools to monitor the availability and performance of your websites and servers.

Secure access to your website

Hiflow offers you the possibility to test the different technical elements of your website in order to avoid the negative impact caused by a failure.

  • Monitor website availability and performance

    Configure our robots to perform tests on different pages of your website and receive alerts when a request generates an error or the server response time is considered too long.

  • Control the use of the resources of the hosting server

    Schedule regular reports on the use of your server's resources on your server and be alerted when overconsumption is detected according to the alert thresholds you have configured.

  • Check the validity of your SSL certificate

    Avoid SSL certificate problems by configuring regular monitoring to ensure you have an alert when the certificate expires or if it suddenly becomes invalid as a result of a configuration change.

  • Ensure the renewal of the domain name

    Don't risk losing your domain name again by setting up a daily test by our robots that will alert you three times when your domain name approaches the expiration date.

Inform the technical team and your customers about the status of your website

Our monitoring solution adapts to your organization to send messages to one or more people when a problem is detected or to publicly share the status of your services.

  • Receive alerts in case of problems

    Configure our robots so that they can send alerts to the people in charge of maintaining your website or server. Notifications can be customized to be sent to different people depending on the time of day or on different media (email, instant messaging...).

  • Share the status of your website with your customers

    Be transparent to your customers and publicly display the reliability of your services (percentage of availability of your website) through our public status page. In addition, in the event of a failure, use this page to inform your users of the situation.

Analyze the performance and availability of your website

In addition to monitoring your website and server, use our tools to analyze test reports from our robots.

  • Uptime and response time

    Analyze the tests performed by our robots using performance reports to improve your customers' navigation. In the form of graphs and lists, look at all availability tests, response times or the use of hardware resources to determine when the load on your website is most important.

  • Monitor the status of the website in real time

    From the dashboard, view the status of your websites and servers in real time with a summary of the tests performed over the past 12 hours. The "full screen" mode can be used to display the dashboard on a large screen installed, for example, in the offices of the technical team.

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