Website Monitoring

Website monitoring allows you to know availability and speed in real time.

Permanent Monitoring of your Web Services

Our robots regularly monitor your websites, APIs and servers to alert you when an error is detected.
This monitoring also allows data to be collected and generate reports detailing website availability and response times. The statistics generated with these reports will allow you to improve your customers' user experience by identifying situations in which slowdowns occur.

List of availability tests

Network equipment

With the ICMP protocol, our robots can monitor any network equipment connected to the Internet, its response times and the general state of the connection thanks to the number of packets lost during the tests.

Website and REST API

Our robots can test your Web applications or REST APIs using HTTP or HTTPS protocol. In basic use, the tests will only check the HTTP code of the response and the status of the SSL certificate (if the connection is secure). Advanced use will allow you to add custom HTTP headers, send POST data during tests or determine if the page returned by the server contains the expected keywords.

TCP or UDP listening ports

For all applications based on TCP or UDP protocols, you can test port access and determine the average connection response time. In addition, determine the status of your application by configuring the expected valid and invalid strings.

FTP Servers

Access to FTP servers can be monitored by our robots so that you can receive an alert in case of failure to connect to a user account or through the "Anonymous" account.


Applications using the WebSocket protocol can be monitored by our robots to validate access to the connection port. The response returned by the server can also be validated by analyzing the string retrieved during the test.

Your website around the world

At Hitflow, we have developed a solution that allows our robots to test your website from remote probes located anywhere in the world.
Installed as close as possible to your users, these probes take charge of the test and then return a detailed report to the robot, which you can then consult in your manager.

  • Australia

  • Canada

  • France

  • United Kingdom

  • Poland

  • Singapore

  • United States

Probe location

With the installation of our probes in cities around the world, our robots can test your servers under conditions as close as possible to your users. The reports, available in your manager, can be classified by country, to better understanding the access times of your website.

Customize the test location

You can define geographically from which probes the tests will be performed. Using the advanced settings, you can limit the testing of your website to a single continent or country.

Impact on your services

Our tests are performed at regular intervals according to the configuration you have defined.
To limit the impact of this monitoring on your servers and audience analysis tools, we provide you with several technical solutions to identify our robots.

Security of your services

Because some websites or APIs are only partially accessible to the Internet, our probes can be authenticated with a username and password. In the case of IP address filtering, we provide a list of our probes (in text or JSON format) that you can automatically retrieve.

Receive Notifications in Case of Website Failure

Nowadays, receiving an alert in case of a website failure is no longer an option. With Hitflow, you can precisely define who can receive these instant notifications.

Contact customization allows you to configure how the alert should be sent. Whether by email, through different applications (e. g. Telegram) or by developing your own solution (thanks to webhook), our solution adapts to the way your organization works.

Detailed reports

In addition to monitoring your website, take advantage of a tool that allows you to analyze the response times observed on your website.

In order to improve your website's access to users, use the data history to see when your website is experiencing disruptions or slowdowns. Generate PDF reports containing all the data related to your website or extract raw data in XLS format for integration into your own databases.

Detailed Report

Status page

To help you inform your users in case of problems, we suggest to set up a page displaying the status of your services automatically.

  • Select the services to be displayed on your access page.
  • Customize the URL to access your status page
  • Customize the interface of the page to respect your graphic charter
  • Restricting access to a status page with a password

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