Public status page

Share the status of your website with your users through the public status pages.

Inform your customers about the status of your website

To complete the monitoring of your website , take advantage of one or more public status pages to inform your users of current incidents.

Automatic update of the availability of your website

Create a public status page and select one or more websites for which you want to view the availability history over a 90-day period.

The information on the page is automatically updated by our robots when they perform monitoring tests on your website. The displayed history is a summary of the information contained in your reports available in your private space.

Prove the reliability of your services

Publicly show the status of your services, using an external tool to establish a sense of transparency in incident management with your customers and prospects.

In case of a problem, please communicate this page to inform your users who will be able to follow the progress of the incident until it is resolved.

Use internal status pages

Thanks to the status pages, communicate the status of your websites and servers to your collaborators easily in a few minutes!

Define on the page that you have created a password to limit access to availability information to your employees. Configure the automatic refresh of the page to transform a screen into an autonomous supervision tool that can be viewed by your entire team.

Customize your public status page

Modify your public status page to ensure optimal integration with the rest of your ecosystem.

Customize the domain name of your page

We provide you with a unique URL for each status page you create. Share this URL with your users to allow them to view the status of your services.
To improve integration between your status page and your website, customize this URL by creating a subdomain to your main domain name that will allow you to access the status page.

Change your status page to the colors of your website

As an external element of your website, you have the possibility to adapt the appearance of the page so that it is closer to your graphic charter. Add your logo at the top of the page and adapt all the HTML elements that make up the page using CSS.

Inform your users of the status of your services thanks to the "discovery" offer!

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