Domain name monitoring

Hitflow monitors your domain names and informs you when they expire.

The domain name, a strategic element

The domain name is a key element of your website. You use it to create your website, referencing and communication with your customers. The loss of your domain name would have dramatic consequences for your company.
That's why you need to put in place monitoring to ensure you never forget its renewal.

List of domain names to monitor

Domain name directory monitoring

All domain names on the Web are managed by organizations that maintain a public directory. For example,".fr" domain names are managed by AFNIC.
Most of these organizations provide, through the "whois" directory, information that can be collected by our robots.

Be alerted when your domain name is about to expire

Add your domain name to our monitoring tool to benefit from a follow-up. Thanks to the expiration date available in the directory, you can set three alerts that will inform you when your domain name approaches the date.
Similarly, receive an alert when we detect that your domain name has just been renewed.

Monitor your website for disruptions

In addition to monitoring your domain name, use our tools to constantly monitor your website so that you can be alerted immediately in the event of a problem.
By acting immediately on failures, you ensure that you maintain Internet access to your website.

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