Internet connection monitoring

Do you have Internet outages or does your connection suffer from a slowdown?
Follow this article to set up effective monitoring of your Internet access to accurately track the status of your connection.

Be careful, this solution only works with a router configured in fixed IP or with a dynamic DNS that updates itself after the router restarts.

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Setting up router monitoring

To start monitoring your connection, please log in to your account first. Once connected, click on "Availability" in the "Monitoring" section.

  1. Open the creation form by clicking on the Add Service button.
  2. Enter a name for the service such as "ADSL".
  3. The selected service type must be: "ICMP".
  4. In the "Ping Settings" section, enter your IP address or domain name.
  5. Check the "Loss of packets" option if you want to be alerted when packets are lost during a test but the line is not completely disconnected.
  6. Enable the "Online Alert" option to receive a message when your Internet connection is restored.
  7. Choose from which countries you want to test your Internet router.
  8. If you have contacts to alert in case of problems, select them.

Validate the addition of your router by clicking on the Save button. Once the confirmation message is displayed, click on the activation button to start monitoring your connection.

Consult the analysis

After a few minutes of waiting, open the monitoring report of your Internet connection by clicking on the icon from the list of services.

From this page, you can consult the general availability of your connection and the average response time observed within a configurable time interval. The evolution of the response time of your connection is also shown on a graph.

To better understand the various elements that make up this page, we invite you to consult the documentation relating to the reports.

Do you have a website or a server?

Now that you have learned how to monitor your Internet connection, find out how, in a few minutes, you can do the same with your website ou hosting server.