Uptime and performance monitoring for your websites

Hitflow is the solution that supports you on a daily basis to ensure the availability of your sites, Web applications, APIs or servers.

Simple and efficient website and server monitoring

Hitflow is your supervision solution to know in real time the situation of your servers and web services connected to the Internet.

Configure in your manager, the automatic tests you want to do on your services, and thanks to our probes, present all over the world, you can monitor their availability and the response times of your services.

Monitoring of all your connected applications

Whether you are a blogger, a freelance developer or an experienced network administrator, our tools can be adapted to any situation to help you ensure the availability of your websites or servers connected to the Internet.

Monitor your website

Monitor your websites to take action immediately after an incident. Our solution analyzes the HTTP codes returned by the web server and determines response times for all protocol-related steps.

Check the status of your APIs

Configure your API tests by defining the POST data sent and the desired response data to automatically alert you if necessary.

Also determine the maximum response time of each of the REST APIs to be alerted in case of a slowdown.

Server supervision

Test your servers from outside to be alerted when a server (web, email, FTP...) is no longer available on the Internet. Our supervision tool allows you, in addition to alerts, to automate actions who will be perform in the event of a failure to use a Webhooks system.

Checking Internet connections

Check the status of your routers by performing ping tests to determine whether your connections are slowing or breaking down

Automate the sending of daily, weekly or monthly reports to receive all the information about your Internet access.

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Simplified implementation

Based on a cloud architecture, Hitflow allows you to take advantage of a complete monitoring solution that does not require software installation on the servers to be monitored.

The configuration and use of our tools are accessible to everyone, whether you are a computer expert or a novice, thanks to the online help where a complete documentation and support are always at your disposal.

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Performance analysis tool

At work or on the move, your Hitflow manager adapts to your devices to help you cope with any situation.

In addition to instant alerts, improve the quality of your services by analyzing performance reports generated from tests performed on your website.

All collected data can be exported to a PDF or Excel reports for processing by your own analysis tools.

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A solution that adapts to all situations

Because every situation is different, our offers are aimed at Webmasters, Web Agencies and small and medium-sized companies.

Our tools can also be adapted to your needs to meet all use cases: monitor the availability of a website, test the load on your servers, check the responses of your REST APIs...

Do you have any ideas for improvement? Feel free to submit your ideas to us and we will carefully study them.

Hitflow helps you on a daily basis to monitor and improve your services.