Create a server monitoring agent

To monitor your server's resources, we offer, by default, a Python script designed to collect and send information about your server's usage.
Using this script and the documentation below, you will be able to create your own tool for collecting and sending data.

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The script you are going to create will have to send your server's information to our API on a regular basis in order to allow the monitoring of your server.

Here are the necessary data to enable communication with the PLC:

  • URL:
  • Server login: available in your manager
  • Authentication token: available in your manager

First of all, you will need to create a server in your manager to generate a server ID and an authentication token.

Request Authentication

Once you have validated the creation of the server in your manager, you will find at the bottom of the form a block named "Server Agent". This block will contain all the necessary information to authenticate a request.


The authentication of a request is done by defining two attributes in its header.

Attribute name Value of the attribute
HitFlow-Agent-Server Server ID
HitFlow-Agent-Token Authentication token

Error management

If there is a problem with the authentication of the request, one of the errors below will be returned:

Code Reason
10000 Unauthorized access because the authentication headers were not found.
22036 Invalid server identifier or authentication token.

Data structure

The script you have developed must send all information about the server in a JSON-formatted object.

General structure

Below is a list of the top-level attributes and their type, which can be an object, the description of which is defined below:

Name Type Limitations Comment
operating_system String Length from 1 to 32 characters String indicating the name of the OS
uptime Int Value between 0 and 157680000 Number of seconds since server startup
load_average Float[3] Table of 3 floats ranging from 0 to 100 Server system load
cpu Float Server CPU usage documentation/agent-server.text-424
memory Memory Server RAM Memory Information
swap Memory Server exchange file information
storage Storage[32] Table of 1 to 32 "Storage" type objects Disk Status Information
process Process[100] Table type "Process" from 0 to 100 objects. List of 100 active processes on the server

Look out! Current limits are subject to change.
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Memory type object

Objects of type "Memory" are used to describe the state of the server's memory.

Name Type Limitations Comment
available Int Value between 0 and 1048576 Total available memory space in MB
total Int Value between 0 and 1048576 Total available memory size in MB
used Int Value between 0 and 1048576 Total memory used in MB

Storage type object

Les objets de type "Storage" sont utilisés pour décrire l'utilisation des volumes du serveur.

Name Type Limitations Comment
name String String from 1 to 256 characters Name of storage volume
total Int Value between 0 and 1048576 Total volume capacity expressed in GB
used Int Value between 0 and 1048576 Total size used on the volume in GB

Object of type "Process"

Objects of type "Process" are used to describe a process running on a server.

Index Type Limitations Comment
0 String String from 1 to 96 characters Name of the process
1 String String from 1 to 48 characters User executing the process
3 Float Value between 0 and 100 Percentage of CPU usage by process
4 Int Value between 0 and 1048576 Process memory consumption in MB

API Response

When your script passes the information to the API, you will need to process a JSON object with an "error" attribute and an "msg" attribute.


The table below lists the error codes that can be returned under certain conditions:

Code Description
0 The report was successfully received and processed
21101 One or more values are invalid and the "input" attribute gives details of the errors to be corrected.
22037 The sending time between two reports is too short (see the configuration in your manager)
22038 Monitoring of this server has been disabled and no reports will be logged

Report Analysis

By going to the server's report page, from your manager, you can consult the list of requests sent by your script in the "Reports" tab.

Example of an alert displayed in Slack

By clicking on the detail button (), you will display different information such as the data sent by your script or the response returned by our API.