Alerts in Telegram

Telegram is an instant messaging application, secure and multi-media.
You can receive notifications of the status of your websites directly on your phone using the Telegram application. We will explain the procedure to follow to set up the link between your Telegram account and a Hitflow contact.

Before starting, we remind you that you must have a valid Telegram account and access to the application (on the phone or computer) to follow the procedure.

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What does a Telegram alert look like?

We have developed a Telegram robot that is at your disposal to send you alerts via your favorite messaging application.
As with email alerts, you will receive a number of information about the status of the website or server.

Example of an alert on Telegram

Configuring a contact

We will create a link between a Hitflow contact and a Telegram account by following the procedure below. To start, go to the list of contacts from the "Alerts" section and click on the "Contacts" tab.

  1. Create a new contact or choose the contact for whom you want to add your Telegram account.
  2. Click on the Add New Method button and choose the "Telegram" type.
  3. Confirm the modification by clicking on the Save button.

By registering the contact, a unique code will be generated to allow you to connect to your Telegram account. This code will be displayed in the contact editing form until the procedure is completed by the second part:

  1. Open the Telegram application
  2. Search for our robot using its name @HitflowBot or use the following link:
  3. Open a discussion with him by clicking on the "Start" button.
  4. Enter the order /start followed by the eight digits you have been given.
  5. A message will tell you that your account has been successfully associated!

You can see in your manager the end of the operation by refreshing the editing form of your contact. Instead of the /start command, you will find the user's first and last name when the two accounts are associated.

For technical reasons, we do not allow you to associate a Telegram contact with more than one Hitflow contact. If you encounter any difficulties you can contact support from your manager.

How do I stop sending alerts?

To stop our robots sending alerts to your Telegram account, you have several options:

  • Disable the contact to stop all alerts without deleting the configuration.
  • Delete the "Telegram" method in the contact settings.
  • Delete the contact and all associated methods.

Note that you can only associate your Telegram account with a Hitflow contact. If you want to change contact, you will first have to delete the existing connection.

To go further....

Through this guide, we have introduced you to the method for configuring and receiving alerts via the Telegram application. You can now link the Telegram accounts of all people who need to receive notifications on the status of your websites and servers.

If you wish to work in a team, we invite you to consult our guide presenting the configuration of alerts in a Slack channel.