Alerts in Slack

Slack is a communication tool allowing collaborative work between the different actors of a team.
To facilitate this teamwork, you can configure Hitflow alerts to be displayed directly in a string on your Slack server.

This guide will introduce you to the different steps to be able to set up alerts in Slack. To be able to complete this procedure, you must have an account and administrative rights on the Slack workspace.

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What does a Slack alert look like?

As with email or SMS alerts, in a Slack chain, alerts take the form of a message indicating the name of the service and several information about its status.

Example of an alert displayed in Slack

Alerts from our robots will be routed to your Slack workspace using a unique URL called an "entry point".
To set it up, we will first have to configure an entry point in your Slack workspace and then, once the entry URL is generated, we will create a link with a Hitflow contact.

Configuring the Slack entry point

To begin, we will introduce you to the procedure for creating an entry point into Slack:

  1. Go to the webhook management interface at the following address:
  2. Specify the workspace and log in to your account to access the interface.
  3. Choose in which channel you want the alerts to appear using the "Choose a channel..." drop-down menu.
  4. Confirm your choice by clicking on Add incoming Webhooks integration.
  5. A new page opens with different information, including a "webhook URL" that you can now copy.

Well done, your entry point is created and we will be able to move on to the configuration in the manager.

Configuring the contact in Hitflow

Now that we have our URL configured, all you have to do is create a new contact or add it to an existing contact.
Go to the list of contacts from the navigation menu, under "Alerts", click on "Contacts".

  1. Edit or create a new contact.
  2. Click on the Add New Method and choose the "Slack" type.
  3. Paste in the field provided the URL we generated in the previous step.
  4. Confirm the change by clicking on the Save button.

You should see a message in the Slack chain indicating that the configuration is complete and functional!

Confirming the configuration of alerts in Slack

How to stop alerts in your Slack workspace?

You can prevent our robots from sending alerts in your chain by one of the following methods:

  • Disable the contact to stop all alerts without deleting the configuration.
  • Delete the "Slack" method in the contact settings.
  • Delete the contact and all associated methods.

To go further....

You have learned how to configure alerts to display messages directly in a Slack chain.
This feature allows you to integrate Hitflow into the heart of your collaborative work tools.

If you use other tools not yet supported by Hitflow or if you want to allow your team to develop a solution that is fully integrated with your information system, we invite you to turn to our Webhook solution right now.