Automatic reports by email

If you do not receive alerts for long periods of disruption to your websites or servers, setting up automatic reporting to an email address will help you track your infrastructure.

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Automatic report operation

The reports sent by email allow you to receive a report on the availability status of the various services you have added to the monitoring of your account.

For websites and servers you will have overall availability, average response time and if necessary interruption duration during the period. For SSL certificates and domain names, the report will contain a reminder of the expiration date and validity status.

When creating a report, you can define one of the following three sending frequencies:

  • Daily: receive a report every morning at 7am that will contain the previous day's information.
  • Weekly: receive the report every Monday morning at 7am which will summarize the previous week's information.
  • Monthly: receive a report on the first day of the month at 7am containing an overview of the monitoring during the previous month.

Create an automatic report

To create a report, log in to your account and click on the "Reports" button in the "Alerts" section.

  1. Click on the Create Report button to access the form.
  2. Define the name of the report that will be displayed in the manager.
  3. Choose the frequency of sending the report by email.
  4. Enter the email address that will receive the reports.
  5. From the different lists, select the services that should be included in the email.

Once you have entered the various elements, you can save the report by clicking on the Save button. The report will then be scheduled to be sent regularly at the desired frequency.